The project of the Three A’s - Amore Allegria Armonia - stems from the desire to bring awareness and spread the pure flow of energy that manifests itself indiscriminately in each individual during each artistic event.

So many times we have stopped to think about the responsibility and great honor of being able to convey to our audience and the world the intrinsic meaning of Art in all its manifestations.

The art gives and transmits through its boundless power a unique deep feeling.

The project of the Three A’s wants to unify the vibrations of the artist (of any discipline) and of the public. It gives life to a common language in which the barriers disappear and the individual perceptions of the deepest feeling flow freely towards a state of harmony; love towards our neighbor and joy as a positive attitude of life.

How to make all this possible?

We invite the audience during the performance to send a message of peace:

"give a thought of peace"

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